There are lots of young talented athletes all around the world in search of sponsors or just gear to ride. these riders can make a kite look amazing from the beach. People stop and spectate, take pictures, come back from their trip talking about that crazy guy that was flying over them. Kiteboarding has offered to a lot of locals a new jobs, languages, and opportunities of all types. Some would call it "a way out". If you have witnessed this integration its beautiful.

We travel to 3rd world destinations looking to give back to the community with donated items. From brands, individuals, or ourselves.

We accept used or broken gear for parts and that we can repair. We accept money to buy gear and give. We can also make custom kites and boards for your company or brand and then donate to the most suitable rider.  Help and give back, clean out your closet as well, kites are just sitting there collecting dust.

You have the power to change someones life and who knows your kite can be in the hands of the next world champion or a part of his or her journey.



Donations and Sponsorships