In Water Training

Which style best suits you?

The Anchor:

The instructor is the anchor.

Instructor stands in the water and one kite will be shared. The instructor only uses the kite to demonstrate and for safety. This method avoids chasing the rider all over the spot and makes it a more disciplined lesson. Perfect for the first classes.

The Free Ride:

Both instructor and rider has a kite. Your kite is in your hands at all times. The instructor is riding with you demonstrating or watching you. You will learn to get out of tricky situations independently. This method will make the most of your riding abilities and test your boundaries.

Flats, waves, downwinders, depending on what you are looking for we have the perfect spots for you.

You will focus on style, learn new tricks,  and add power to your riding.

Radio helmets, gopro, and impact vest will be provided to ensure safety and fast progression. 

Adapting to your learning curve, we know how far we can take you as a rider.

Everyone has a different style, let's find yours.

Workout at the Beach
Off Water Training

Off water training focuses on strengthening, agility, recovery and overall body performance. You’ll be able to take what you learned in this class back in the water with you, or even your daily life.

Workouts can vary from Gym, home, Beach, calisthenics, to fun activities such as Paddleboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding and many more. We know some of these can be a little challenging but we are here to guide your through, if needed we will join you.

It’s not always windy to train in the water, staying active and working on yourself during this time off is crucial to your progression and performance.

Agility training improves flexibility, balance, and control. Agility helps the body to maintain proper alignment and posture during movement.

 Some love to be in the gym, others love to be outdoors. Some love their veggies, others won’t take a bite. Some love yoga others can’t touch their toes. We look to find a routine that suits you. You should enjoy the process. 

We can set up weekly plans for you.  Here to motivate and guide, we want you active and always working on yourself.

“Off water” training will give you the courage and strength to push your boundaries.

We are here to create a lifestyle that works for you.